Introduction to deno

General purpose Javascript and Typescript programming environment to write serverside javascript.

What is deno?

Why Deno?

Javascript has changed significantly since it's first runtime Node was released in 2009. At that time there was not Promises/Async/Await, Es modules, Typed Arrays etc. Since there are so many problems in node,python, Ruby such as poorly designed module system, security issue, legacy APIs etc and these issues can be solved then why not Deno?.

Node vs Deno: Why deno is better then node?

One thing that both node and deno has in common is the creator Ryan Dahl. Why would same person create two differnet things for the same purpose? The answer is, since the node was released in 2009 many things has been changed and lots of thing can be made better with deno.

Will deno replace node?

Although Deno is better than node in every aspect but node is a well established runtime for javascript and has a huge community support as well as work fine for backend development. So Peoples will not switch easily into deno from node but it is certain that deno will replace node within 4-5 years.