HTML CSS & Javascript Projects

Auther's voice:

My motive of creating this Web development course is to make learning web development as easy as possible and as fun as possible. I am hoping that after completing this course you will be able to grab any real world Web development project and finish it.

This course:


Content Structure:

Structure of content will be: Challenge-Solution-Challenge


Learning with source code:

Learning with documents and videos are quite effective but learning web development with source code can be taken as, Examples are better than thousand words.

Learning speed:

Each project in this course is designed so you could finish any project from two hour to five hour, so to finish the entire course it may take from 20 days to 30 days if you give 2-4 hours per day, or it may take more time according to your speed of learning and dedication.

You may have queries:

Will this course cost in future?
This course is completely free of cost. Even we will not ask you for Email, personal data or something.
Can i start this course if i don't know html css and javascript?
No, You must have basic knowledge on html css and javascript to start this web development course.
How this course is different from other courses?
This course is different from other courses in following manner:
This course focus on Example based learning.
Projects you face here will be directly applicable to your real world projects.
Contents provided here are well organized from basic to advanced level.
This course is project based course where, initially you will start with easy projects and end up with advanced projects
You will get proper guidelines and instruction in each project